How to Coaplay Maleficent?

Maleficent is a beautiful, pure, winged young fairy who grew up in a peaceful forest kingdom. However, the good times are always short. When the kingdom is invaded by the human forces, Maleficent grows up to be the guardian of the forest in the battle. Meanwhile, maleficent suffers merciless betrayal, and her heart starts to turn cold, leaving only thoughts of revenge in her mind. In retaliation, she casts a jinx on Princess Aurora, the daughter of a human king; As Aurora grew older, however, Maleficent came to realize that this little princess could not only bring peace between the two worlds, but might also bring her true happiness.

As for Maleficent, we should not make a one-sided assessment. She is neither pure good nor absolutely evil. This is a very plump and fleshly character. In the movie, she wore black clothes that she had never worn before. She had two horns on her head. She also had pointed nails that made her look like an evil witch.In spite of this she also used her own experience and growth to break the secular vision, it is hard to imagine such a woman could have a true love kiss, and then the fact that it is, kind of dramatic.

Maleficent Cosplay Costume Shop have the Maleficent Cosplay Costumes, You can have her hat with a pointed corner and that black dress. As in the movie, this dress is very long,  the material is rubbery and stretches nicely, and the design of the neckline part perfectly shows the elegance of Maleficent. The neck was a soft foam. The foam was a little creased from packaging.

Maleficent’s hat can be resized according to the customer’s head circumference. If it is found to be inappropriate after getting it, you can use some staples or sponges to modify it.

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