where to find the best Wonder Woman cosplay costumes?

Wonder Woman is a fantasy action film produced by Warner Bros Pictures. It is directed by Patty Jenkins, co-starred by Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen.

The film is based on DC comics. The story background was set during the World War I. It tells the story of Amazon Princess Diana Prince’s gains her weapons and equipment from the gods of Olympus, incarnation of Wonder Woman, and came to the Earth to defend peace and save the world with Air Force Captain Steve Trevor.

Diana Prince lives in the Amazon Paradise Island. There are only women on the island. As the daughter of Zeus and the Queen of the Amazon, Hippolyta, she was nurtured by her mother and aunt Antioch as she grew up. Until one day, a fighter plane fell into the waters near the Paradise Island, and Diana’s peaceful life was broken. Diana rescued the pilot, Steve Trevor, who fell into the sea, but her mother had no interest in the world of the ordinary man. Steve stressed that his goal is to end the First World War, and Diana thinks that this human catastrophe may be the work of the god of war, Ares. So she decided to go to the front line of the war with Steve, experiencing the power of human war for the first time, and gradually understand the meaning and cost of being a hero.

Wonder Woman has appeared in Batman vs. Superman: Justice Dawn. In the appearance, the basic elements such as her breastplate, belt and skirt are kept unchanged. Fashion designer Lindy Hamming made only minor changes. Enhance the red, blue and gold of the clothing, but it is softer than the original comics. The costumes have no changes to Wonder Woman’s metal gloves, armor, headband and biceps, but with brighter materials to match the color of her suit. And where to find the best wonder woman cosplay costumes? Of course, that is QualityCosplay online store .

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In the film, the sword of the Wonder Woman’s sword is made of aluminum, which is brushed with vinyl and smashed into acid to erode. The hilt is hand-built, and the shield combines the ancient Greek shield with the geometrically designed shield originally designed by Michael Wilkinson. The theme also reflects the design of the Paradise Island Palace. In the battle of Wonder Woman against the Germans, special effects shields also appeared. The shield is made of carbon fiber and a combination of aramid with a vibrating device and an ignition device with 48 fire holes. The special effect simulates the spark of the Woman’s shield on the shield under strong fire attack.

The film was officially released in 4165 theaters in North America on June 2, 2017. The first day of the box office was $38.76 million (including 11 million advances), no suspense to win the single-day champion, and 3 days to receive the box office of $35.8 million. The 4th day $ 25.94 million, and the cumulative box office in North America for the three days of the weekend was $ 100.5 million. The final North American box office was $412 million.

Wonder Woman was released in mainland China on June 2, and the first day of the show was 82.5 million yuan (including the premiere of 7 million yuan). On the 3rd, the box office broke 100 million yuan, and on the 4th, the box office received 80.5 million yuan, falling only 20%. In the first three days of the first weekend, the total box office was 260 million yuan. In the end, the total box office in mainland China was RMB 610 million.

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