3in1 Belly Abdomen Pelvis Postpartum Belt Body Recovery Shapewear Belly Slim Waist Breathable Waist Trainer Corset


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Material: Cotton

Material: Polyester

Item Type: Belly Bands & Support

Fabric Type: Canvas

Gender: WOMEN

Model Number: C1000132

Department Name: Maternity

Color Style: Natural Color

1. Why use abdomen belt after delivery

After giving birth, the belly will not shrink immediately, and the uterus will take time to retract, and the rational use of the abdomen band can effectively shorten this time and tighten the belly fat. Within 6 months after birth, it belongs to the golden body shaping stage. The use of abdomen belt at this stage has a good effect and can help mommy recover her body and confidence as soon as possible.

2. How to use it better? Abdominal band (tied to the uterus to cover the wound)

From 0 to 12 months after delivery, caesarean section is recommended to be worn across clothes. At this stage, the waist and abdomen are mainly concentrated. Choose a belly belt with soft texture and moderate pressure to support the waist and relieve the backache during breastfeeding. Please try to choose a suitable size to avoid pressing too tightly to the internal organs.

Pelvic girdle (placed at the position of the pubic bone in the horizontal line of the hip)

0-6 months after childbirth, use the lochia after exhausting it, and apply inward pressure.

It is recommended not to wear more than 6 hours a day,

Use alternately for better results. It can be used in full set within 45 days after delivery.

3. What are the precautions when using?

Just after the baby was born, the wound just healed. The abdomen band must be used correctly, not tied too tight, and need to be adjusted slowly. Within a few days after giving birth, there are often sweating situations. It is easy to develop a rash by tying the abdomen belt all day, especially in summer. You can use talcum powder in summer, it is recommended to use it during the day, but not at night. The abdomen band is used to protect the uterus and the abdomen can achieve a certain degree of effect, but in order to make the lower abdomen more compact, it must be coordinated with exercise.

① Do not use too tight abdomen belt, too tight will affect gastrointestinal motility.

②Take off 1 hour before a meal, 1 hour after a meal, put on the abdomen belt after urination, take off the abdomen belt 1 hour before going to bed at night, and do a lower abdominal massage.

③) It is recommended to stick to the abdomen belt during the confinement period, and exercise after the confinement period.

4. How to clean the belly band?

①Washing water temperature should be below 30 ° C.

② Handle lightly, avoid ironing, and prohibit source washing, machine washing and brush washing.

③Do not expose to the sun or bake at high temperature.

④It is recommended to use clean water to soak and wash with hand.

⑤ It is recommended not to wash frequently, too many washing times will cause the product to shrink slightly.

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